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Meet Cariad Harmon, London-born singer-songwriter living in Brooklyn AND Series Five musician. Rolling Stone calls her emotionally direct sound “like Joni Mitchell by way of Broad City… pure in her traditionalism & refreshingly unironic in her ambitions.” This folky singer has some serious accolades behind her, and we have no doubt they’ll just keep growing.


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Cariad plays music that really evokes lounging at a late-Sixties coffee shop. Jazz and country are distinctly woven into her acoustic guitar playing. This sort of contrast is common in her music (mostly folk songs that are both vulnerable and ecstatic) and also echoes her personal life: She grew up with an English mother and an American father, always feeling at a crossroads with her roots. Now that she’s set up base in her new American home, we see that juxtaposition play out in her latest self-titled album, where there is a strong focus on surviving the haphazardness of living in New York.

See the ‘Cariad vibe’ in its purest sense with this live video of Cariad and her band performing for The Wild Honey Pie “Buzz Sessions” about a year ago in Brooklyn:



To catch more of Cariad (live and otherwise), check out her tour page, as well as her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Finally, buy her beauty of an album, featuring Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius and Mike Savino of Tall Tall Trees, right here.

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