Natasha Thirsk is Catlow; an indie-pop critically acclaimed songstress and musician whose synthing skills produce an ethereal sound like no other.


Armed with a dreamy voice, Catlow’s melodies float eerily over electronic sounds and atmospheric guitars, especially felt on her second album Pinkly Things. With her first record, Kiss the World, reaching the Top 50 of the Canadian Earshot! Charts, receiving airplay in the UK on BBC stations AND with songs appearing on shows like Heroes and 24, no wonder Catlow is the hottest Vancouver commodity since Ryan Reynolds. Which is why we were so thrilled to grab some time with our Series One Artist.

You’ve been classically trained as a pianist but your sound seems anything but traditional. How do you find that training influences you now?

I still love classical music and long to play it again; though, other things have kept me busy (I do, however, listen to CBC TEMPO every morning). Classical music was pop music of its time. Certain pieces were even risqué in their emotional/sometimes political content.

Using the same basic song structures have innately made me feel the need for suspension, themes and resolve, which is what classical/early music invented or refined. I also love syncopation and different voicings over the same chord structures which is common in classical, indie, pop and almost all music. Classical music is the original pop!

Your albums have received a lot of love in the UK. Be honest – do you enjoy touring Canada or across the pond more? Any hilarious tour stories you can share?

I have toured Canada multiple times but in the last few years I have been awarded more opportunities in the UK and Europe. I want to tour Canada again, but it just seemed to come easier to book across the pond, oddly. You do get to see more cities, countries and meet different cultures in a shorter distance and time.

This year, I had it in my mind that I had to see Tuscany. I didn’t stop saying out loud that it was going to happen this year. In the summer, I entered what I thought was a bid on Sonicbids to just get into a festival in Tuscany. It turned out to be a contest where they payed partial travel expenses for two bands to win a spot playing the festival! We won  out of 270 bands across 20 odd countries! We got to play this big festival called AREZZO WAVE ITALIA FESTIVAL in Tuscany. We had our own band room with a beer full of Italian beer, were slotted in 2nd best spot of the night for the festival AND put up in a villa on a Tuscan winery with a hilltop brand new pool. We were speechless. Sparkling wine on top of a villa in Tuscany playing to 10,000 people; it was a dream. Also driving through the alps in a Fiat was awesome, too.

I went on the play my first time solo in the UK with pedals, electric guitar and laptop. It was a great personal challenge!

Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 2.06.22 PM

Adam Fink’s photo of Catlow appeared on Rhyme & Reason series one labels

Now that is an amazing story. What was your reaction to finding out you’d be on a beer bottle label?

I was (and still am) sooo stoked! I couldn’t believe it! It was a photo a friend of mine, Adam Fink (who plays with Gang Signs, Boyfriends and Girlfriends and many other bands) took of me playing an acoustic set in Toronto’s premiere Indie Music Market. I was underneath the Eye with sparkles of the NXNE festival symbol. I am honoured and so incredibly happy. It is pretty, pretty cool.

We’re honoured to have you be a part of our series, too! Catlow plays at the Media Club in Vancouver and the release to the Run To Me video will be in the new year. Album “Pinkly Things” is out now on Aporia Records and “Kiss the World” is available at CDbaby. For the latest on Catlow, make sure to check her out at the following:




BONUS! We have the exclusive access to Catlow’s newest video!

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