Chris Celusniak

Featured Artist

I am a professional artist living in central Texas and have produced work for a wide variety of clients. I have been recognized in “Art Direction Magazine”, “Print Magazine”, and in the “AIGA Retrospective Show” – which was reproduced as a hard bound edition. I have produced art for top tier companies and have promoted an oldies rock show. I have been contracted to illustrate many books by prominent leaders in their fields of endeavor which are available at many libraries. I have exhibited in a wide variety of venues and my art is in private collections world wide. When not occupied by art I enjoy time with my wife and children and working on public service projects.


Career Highlight

My favorite career highlights have been promoting a rock and roll show that featured over the years such notables as Chuck Berry,Johnny Rivers,and Paul revere and the Raiders.There was something to be learned from each years lineup about staying relevant in a changing world. I was also in “Print Magazine”, illustrated a hugely successful book on gardening, did the most complete art cutaway of the Texas state capitol ever, and illustrated the governors Christmas cards.

How did you get started as an artist?

I got started in art because it was the thing I was best at. My first paying gig was doing caricatures for Lincoln National Life Insurance Co.

What influences your work?

My art is influenced by a deep reverence for technology, progress and can-do spirit.

I feel the Art+brewing Initiative gives artist lots of exposure and help the public to associate the art with the experience of a good night out.



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