Collective Arts Brewing

Debbie Keffer

Date photo taken: 22 February 2014
Location: Back patio of The Only Cafe during their Winter Beer Fest

One of the things I enjoy most about Toronto is our vibrant craft brewing scene. At last count – and it seems to change almost weekly – there were over 30 craft breweries and brewpubs either operational or in the works in the GTA. That’s a lot of people making a lot of awesome beer!

I don’t like to play favourites so it was hard to single one out to profile first but I’ve decided on Collective Arts Brewing. They have combined a love of beer with a love of the arts and their labels feature beautiful and innovative work from emerging artists around the world, although with a strong Toronto showing. Their second series of labels was released earlier this year and features 78 different works. Artists featured receive $200, support from the brewery for events and launches, and tons of visibility. Collective Arts even has its own app that lets you scan the label and access additional online content and information about the artists.

If art on the labels doesn’t intrigue you, you’ll still want to consider Collective Arts. Their Rhyme and Reason is a pale ale with a delicious hop-forward character and their Saint of Circumstance Citrus Infused Blonde Ale is the perfect summer patio beer. Both are available at the LCBO and on tap at bars around the city.

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Collective Arts Brewing