Collective Arts brewing

by Common Man Nick

It seems that the craft beer movement that has taken Toronto, and maybe all of the civilized world by storm, is indelibly linked to the arts. Maybe craft breweries and artists see themselves in each other. It would be tough to deny the comparison between the hardscrabble DIY ethic that most artists take and the same approach to work and life that craft breweries undertake. Or perhaps it’s the imagination behind the beer itself that attracts artist attention to craft breweries. Craft breweries evoke images of beer that is meticulously prepared with both care and love versus the assembly line production of the powerful competition. Whatever the reason, it is safe to say that the craft beer community and the artistic community are linked like brothers in arms. It only seems fitting that a brewery would come along that centers their entire ethos on the beer/art relationship.  Enter Collective Arts Brewing, a new brewery that aims to bring their artistic ties to the foreground of their business.

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  1. Hello from Winnipeg–I am a collector of Canadian beer labels with more than 8800 different so far. Is it possible to get a set of all the new labels from Collective Arts? How much would it cost for all? 50c each? I like your idea and would like to support the effort. Hope to hear back, beerfully, Dave Craig.


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Collective Arts Brewing