Collective Arts Brewing Launches (‘Art of Beer’ Realized)

by Jason Finestone

It’s early Friday morning as I write this, and my head is throbbing. My ears are ringing from standing too close to the speakers. The taste of the late night burrito is still on my tongue. I rode the Vomit Commit home. A typical Thursday night. Thanks, beer.

What wasn’t so typical about said night was the beer that I was celebrating. Collective Arts Brewing is a new grassroots beer company that goes beyond the bottle, marrying music, art, photography and film alongside their tasty brews.

At first I wonder what beer has to do with this melding of art forms, then I meet founders Matt Johnston and Bob Russell. Two self-professed creative junkies, Matt and Bob are the antitheses of drab, and their dogma checks out. They talk of building a platform whereby emerging artists from all over the world are given a new outlet to showcase their talents. They laud the creation of an alternative forum in which the public can engage and interact with said artists, all the while using beer as the binding agent.

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Collective Arts Brewing