Collective Arts Brewing launches Saint of Circumstance Blonde Ale

By: jcduff

Hey – wanna be on a beer label? Are you an artist? Read on…

You’ve likely noticed Collective Arts Brewing in the LCBO before with their odd labels promoting independent artists, musicians and even radio stations. My favourite is still Laser Cat on a Surfboard:

This fantastic collaboration between beer and music (always an excellent pairing) is a partnership with Burlington’s Nickel Brook Brewing. Collective Arts’ first brew was an Extra Pale Ale, titled Rhyme and Reason, while their new offering, Saint of Circumstance, is a citrus-infused blonde ale. We’ve yet to enjoy this beer but if it’s anything like the first, it will be worth a taste.

More importantly, if you’re an artist or talented person (unlike us) then you should apply to have your art featured on the labels of this new beer. Check out the dets here:

Read the full article here.

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Collective Arts Brewing