Collective Arts Brewing: Series 5 Call for Art


Hamilton, ON – Collective Arts Brewing has opened their Series 5 Call for Art and Music to all artists, musicians, filmmakers and photographers the world over.  Series 5 is set to coincide with the opening of a brand new brewing facility in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Since the official launch, Collective Arts Brewing has grown both in size and quality of art on their labels. To date they have featured the work of over 343 artists and 41 Collective Arts Black Box Sessions.


Who is Eligible to Enter
Collective Arts Brewing Label Series Five is open to all artists around the globe! They are looking for all types of inspiring work including: Painting, Illustration, Photography, Design, Film, Video, Performance, Sound, New Media and more! Only stipulations: artwork must be your own original artwork for which you have a title, no nudity, and you must be of legal drinking age in your country of residence to enter. Participants must agree to Collective Arts Brewing Terms of Use.
What to Submit
– Artwork must be a minimum of 1800×1800 pixels
– Musicians often submit their cover album art*
– Musicians submit both MP3 and, if possible, videos
Compensation– Artists selected receive a commemorative bottle and a stipend of $200 CAD as compensation for using it on our labels (this year, Collective Arts will pay over $75,000 to compensate and support artists who have been selected)
– Collective Arts are also committed to supporting artists throughout the duration of the Series run with band beer when they play at venues that carry Collective Arts, concert ticket giveaways, gala openings and social media support
The submitted work must have never been featured for any beer or alcoholic beverage promotional campaign.
For all the details, go here.

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