Sounds Like Beer


Matt Gibson

Beer may have a reputation as the “working man’s drink”, slaking the thirst of blue-collar workers while it’s more mature cousin Wine gets invited to all the fancy galas and gallery openings, but a movement is underfoot to change all that, one label at a time. The good people over at Collective Arts Brewing are bringing together good beer and great art in a delicious collaboration.

Writing about CAB earlier this year, I applauded their ingenuity in merging art, technology and beer to create a truly unique product in the craft brewing world. Building on that success, Collective Arts is launching their Series Three labels in the LCBO this July, including a special addition Alliance series of 12 unique pieces. To showcase these incredible works, Collective Arts, in conjunction with Montreal artist and curator Fred Caron (Osheaga Festival), are hosting The Alliance: Unity Makes Strength at the Spazio Gallery until May 25th. The exhibit is open to the public and features 12 original works by some incredible artists, each of which will be featured on bottles of Rhyme and Reason (Extra Pale Ale) and Saint of Circumstances (Citrus Infused Blonde Ale).

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Collective Arts Brewing