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Collective Arts Craft Beer Will Get You Drunk On Art

By: Rob Hoffman

“This is Mr. Huff’s first drink of the night” Said Matt taking a sip from his pint of Rhyme & Reason, Collective Arts Brewing’s signature pale ale. He was demonstrating an old favourite drinking game of his called “Mr. Huff”, which in the next few minutes would have me a little more drunk than I’d like to admit.

Matt is the owner and founder of Collective Arts Brewing, a craft brewery on a bold mission to bring creativity back into the conversation. Instead of a branded banner, the label of each beer bottle features a new artist or musician in full size and colour, putting emerging artists into the hands of hipsters, music and art fans and craft-beer aficionados across the world.

Why is the combination so effective? It’s simple: artwork fuels aggressive opinions, while alcohol inspires enough confidence to express them. After all, beer is—as Matt puts it—“a social lubricant”. Collective Arts understands that most craft beer drinkers are also art enthusiasts, and therefore, their beer bottles are the perfect stage to shine a light on new and formerly unknown artistic talents.

Read the full piece here.

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