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Collective Arts – Saint of Circumstance

Pablo Quenneville

Collective Arts makes some seriously good beer. ‘Saint of Circumstance‘ is their latest release to the LCBO and it is definitely worth picking up a 6 pack. I lucked out in finding it during one of my LCBO ventures after work and it was an easy choice, I’ve had their Rhyme & Reason pale ale before and enjoyed it a lot.

On a side note I’m eager to see what will be coming from the new joint brewery between Collective Arts and Nickel Brook Brewing. The brewery, to be named Arts & Science, will be taking up the old Lakeport brewing facilities that have laid empty for some time now. I can’t wait to see what comes from this because both breweries make amazing beer.

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One Response to “Collective Arts – Saint of Circumstance”

  1. As a lover of craft brews, I always try new ones. Collective Arts has made some fantastic brews. Both their IPA and Citrus-infused Blonde Ale (which I would normally never buy) are delicious. This is from a beer snob that loves beer. I wouldn’t point you in the wrong direction. I just wouldn’t do that to another lover of great beer!



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