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It could be serendipitous, by accident, or most likely because beer lovers attract, that we met who would eventually be our partner for our first collaborative brew. The Collective Arts crew travelled to Boston recently, and good timing would have it that brewers from around the world were in town for the Copenhagen Beer Festival. Co-founder Bob, and Brewmaster Ryan sat down at Trillium Brewery and got talking to the KEX brewers from Iceland. The rest is history!

Reykjavik, Iceland is the capitol city in the heart of its country, where KEX (travel agency/pizza bar/ hostel/brewpub/brewery and Mikkeller & Friends Iceland) can be found. Unknown to many outside Iceland, beer was prohibited in this country until 1989, and the folks at KEX are helping them catch up.

Why Iceland? You might wonder.

Beyond the fact that we met some great brewers in an exotic place that want to collaborate, teaming up with KEX  works for a few other reasons.

  1. Although Reykjavik is completely different in most ways than Hamilton, they are two cities with tight-knit communities who have adopted craft beer and are now apart of their makeup.
  2. Iceland is a very small country, that is literally the cultural pivot point between North America and Europe. They are creative and design forward, and we can only assume this is because they are exposed Europe and North America. From interior design, graphic design, art, music and culinary artistry, we’ve found a kinship with them because of our own art-driven philosophy.

The first part this story begins next week when the KEX Brewing team arrives in Hamilton. Join us at Brux House on Wednesday, December 14th at 6:30PM to meet, their brewers and our brew team and learn about Icelandic culture, art, music and craft beer.


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