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Collective Arts & The Alliance: Unity Makes Strength

Chris Schryer

In a craft beer scene where there are dozens of really excellent beers being made by a variety of breweries, both bricks and mortar and contract, it is difficult to do something to stand out. It is also daunting to think about doing something to help out others, when you are probably committing most of your energy to just making enough beer. So that is why I find what Collective Arts is doing to be such a cool and refreshing example of how you can run a business.

I’ll be honest, when I read their introductory press release when they launched I was skeptical. They said they wanted to work within the arts community, to bring exposure to up and coming artists of every variety. The plan was to use artwork on their labels (which can then be scanned using a mobile app, sending the user to a website featuring information on the artist), and also connect their beer events to arts events. I liked the sound of the idea, but wasn’t really sure if they would put the effort into making it work

When the first line of Rhyme and Reason Pale Ale came out, I happily noted that the labels were not just nice, but beautiful. I was also quite pleased with the beer, which makes sense, as it was made by Ryan Morrow, who is killing it over at Nickel Brook. So I actually sought out some bottles when I heard the second release of labels was coming out. I think for the second release there were 75 different labels (!) featuring painters, musicians, photographers, designers, sculptors and more. The call for submissions for the third release is not done and judging is starting.

To celebrate and to continue in their mission to support great artists, Collective Arts partnered with Spazio Dell’Arte and got Montrealer Fred Caron to curate a show of 12 underground artists, 6 from Toronto and 6 from Montreal, called The Alliance: Unity Makes Strength. They did a mini-release of labels for their Rhyme and Reason Pale Ale and Saint of Circumstance Golden Ale featuring the artists from the show (which will be available at the LCBO in limited quantities in July, along with the full third release).

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