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Collective Arts: ‘The world’s most refreshing art gallery’

Samantha Beattie

Beer and art. Art and beer.

No matter how you put it, fusing the two is a sensual experience almost too good to be true.

And that’s exactly what Collective Arts, Hamilton’s first craft brewery, is doing with great success.

The taste experience begins on the outside of the bottle.

The startup’s two-brew lineup features labels designed and submitted by emerging musicians, photographers, artists or filmmakers.

On the inside awaits a blond ale (Saint of Circumstance) or extra pale ale (Rhyme & Reason).

For Hamilton-born founders Bob Russell and Matt Johnston, this art-beer combination is second nature — both are creative junkies who have decades of experience working in the beer industry.

“Craft brewing is its own art form,” says Johnston. “What’s inside the bottle is just as creative as what’s on the outside. We want to create unique characteristics and taste profiles without stripping the taste. Art and music is about the same thing.”

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