Collective Craft Cider, Meet the Maker!


Meet Matt Howell. He’s the guy you can thank when you take a sip of Local Press or Apple & Cherry Cider and think you’ve landed in heaven. Matt’s a veteran in the brewing scene; he’s been brewing at home for over ten years and making cider for seven. He’s a certified whisky taster, and an all-around expert at all things beer and liquor.

Matt has a Master’s Degree in brewing from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, and an extensive career in the brewing industry. Coming from Niagara College as a teacher in the Brewing School, he loves the challenge of working in a brewery. “There’s always something new and different in a brewery, everyday. No matter how long you’ve been there,” he says, “I get to experiment with new and different beers, use different equipment; things that pose a challenge, but it’s really exciting and fun.”


Matt Howell and Chris Graham

Matt wears a few different hats here at the brewery. On one end he is our Packaging Manager, where he deals with quality analysis. He’s the guy who makes sure the beer you’re drinking is the best quality out there. Secondly, Matt is our cider expert. His experience with home-brewing and extensive education made him the natural choice when we were looking to make cider. From sourcing the locally grown apples, to pressing them, and fermenting them, Matt monitors each step of the process to create the best product possible.

Matt and his team have been playing mad scientist in the lab lately, so expect some pretty exciting cider news in the upcoming months!

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