Collective Crystal is in Boston

Crystal Mills – Collective Arts Boston, Marketing & Sales Rockstar

Crystal is a Texan native and Bostonian transplant. Moving to Boston was an easy choice for her, as the history, culture, and (of course), beer drew her in. “I’ve always felt the sense of community is unlike anything I’ve ever seen; there are so many incredible breweries in the area and it’s such an exciting time to be in the industry,” she explains.

Among Crystal’s past times are drinking and eating her way across the city. She’s on 38 of 100 of her bucket list places to see, and finds it hard to turn down a traditional Irish Pub no matter what time of day it is. “It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?”


Crystal serving brews at our Boston launch party

Working in the vibrant craft beer industry in Boston is exciting and motivating for Crystal “I love to see craft beer becoming the normal, and to be a part of the growing restaurant and bar community here!” While her background lies in the cocktail industry, one thing she knows for sure is that she loves great beer.

“I love that this is an industry filled with people who absolutely LOVE what they do. I’ve never met more dedicated people who truly believe in their product, the craft behind it, and also wholeheartedly want to simply bring something new to their consumers,” she says. For Crystal, working in the craft beer industry is really a dream job. As most passions do, beer brings people together and it’s the sense of community that Crystal loves so much. “I love to constantly be learning from people in the industry, from 30 year veterans to newbies like myself!”

Collective Arts is now distributing across Massachusetts and Connecticut. If you need beer, want to learn about our beer, or want to plan an event or tasting, Crystal is your girl. You can email her at crystal@collectiveartsbrewing

CA Team-2 (3)

Crystal and Brewmaster Ryan

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