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Craft breweries try to make it in Hamilton with or without the Beer Store

By: Amy Kenny

There’s strength in numbers. That’s part of the reason Collective Arts Brewing teamed up with Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

This April, the two craft brewers will open Arts & Science Brewing Ltd. on the site of the former Lakeport Brewery on Burlington Street in Hamilton.

“We’ve built this brewery together to build something much bigger than we could ever afford individually,” said Matt Johnston, co-founder of Toronto’s Collective Arts, which bottled just over 50,000 two-fours in 2014.

This year, with the extra space afforded by Arts & Science, Johnston expects that number to double or even triple.

Arts and Science will be the city’s first bricks and mortar craft brewery.

Other local labels are out there, but none has a permanent home in Hamilton.

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