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Based in Toronto, Series One Artist Dan Springer, aka SKULLUXE, is an art director by day, likes ‘stuff and things’ according to his Facebook and regularly contributes to the Skull A Day blog. You may have guessed he produces art with a bit of humour and a whole lot of skulls.


Skull2 Skull3 skull4 skull6


SKULLUXE  is a guy who we’d like to sit back, have a beer with and laugh about Rob Ford’s latest antics. Politics aside, SKULLUXE’s pieces are pretty tongue-in-cheek and funny, but also showcase some amazing talent. From skulls to devils to digital ‘Canadian collages’ including mounties with forest-faces, we asked SKULLUXE to shed some light into the inspiration behind his awesome work:

Your work (and name) is very skull-centric. Tell us the story behind the fascination.

Well I do draw a lot of skulls. I think the fascination with skulls is that they are basically one thing that is recognizable to anyone, anytime, anywhere. A Neanderthal and a modern day eight-year-old know what a skull is and looks like. Not many things have that recognition around the world and throughout time.

How have we not celebrated Day of the Dead with you? Did you take any formal art training?

Not really. I took art in high school and I have a year of college but I went into the ad business and became an art director instead of finishing.

Your stuff is pretty sweet. We love the aesthetic. What was your reaction to finding out a painting of yours would be featured on our beer bottle labels? 

It’s really great. There is a lot of great artwork paired up with these labels and the artists are getting some excellent exposure on a great product without their work being compromised.

Kind words! Supporting artists is high on our top priorities list. We look forward to seeing more of SKULLUXE – you can check out all of his updated art on his website www.skulluxe.blogspot.ca. Cheers!



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