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Del Hambre is an illustrator based out of Madrid, Spain. He loves drawing for magazines as each work allows him to try different styles. Some of his career highlights include presence in publications such as EL PAÍS (newspaper), EL MUNDO (newspaper), CINEMANÍA (mag), GENTLEMAN (mag) and ICON (mag), but one of his proudest accomplishments is a picture book that he illustrated for the FAO (Food and Agriculture of the United Nations Organization) a couple of years ago for its 70th anniversary.

We asked Del Hambre how he became an artist and what the process was like, “I don´t think I´m an artist, I prefer to think I’m a craftsman who tries to improve a bit with every work,” he explains. He’s been an illustrator for 15 years, but for the past four years, he’s been able to illustrate professionally. “I’m pretty chaotic, I do not have a process and each work is different. I think the key is to make a good previous work of documentation before starting drawing.”

Del Hambre can be found on our Rhyme & Reason cans with his illustration of HOT MEN. “It is a great initiative and it means to me a true honour to be part of it! It is a cool way to discover the work of many people around the world.” 

Who or what influences your art? I think my main influences are old school music and movies.

What he’s working on now: I´ve just finished the official calendar of Greenpeace Spain 2017 and nowadays I´m drawing and producing a motion graphic video for the FAO. 

Find out more about Del Hambre and his latest projects, here:

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