Dia Moeller

Boston Tattoo Convention Artist

We collaborate with illustrators, visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, and now tattoo artists! Collective Arts is taking over the Boston Tattoo Convention – find us at the beer garden and stop by our artist lounge to see our vibrant street art backdrop and series art gallery. We’ve teamed up with 3 tattoo artists who will be attending the convention to do what we do best: combine art with beer. Find Dia Moeller’s work on our Ransack the Universe cans at the Boston Tattoo Convention.

Ransack the Universe IPA – Can Art by: Dia Moeller

Born and raised in Hungary, Dia Moeller was not exposed to tattoos at an early age, but she fell in love with the industry and the people right away after her first tattoo. She’s wanted to be a tattoo artist ever since. A few years, a lot of tattoos, and a completely unrelated college degree later. She started working at The Painted Bird Tattoo in Medford MA, where she completed a 2-year apprenticeship under many talented artists.
Dia considers herself gifted that she has had so many amazing people influence her from the beginning. As a custom tattoo artist, Dia feels strong in building a relationship with her clients. It gives a better understanding of who they are, so she will be able to give them the most flattering tattoos. Her personal tattoo style includes a really bright colour palette, unexpected subject combinations & ornate, organic elements. Currently, Dia is interested in doing medium scale pieces, in either black  gray or colour, geometric fine-line designs and portraits.

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