From London to Berlin – Digits is Alt Altman, an electronic pop artist from TO who started his ascent into fame (& gaining a loyal fan base) during his time living in Europe, playing experimental music and weaving galvanizing synth-magic like the Pied Piper of his time – all the way back to Toronto.

Armed with a solo laptop – his tickle trunk to all things melancholic electronica – Digits puts on a show like no other act in the game; his beats moving to a slow, temperamental and ambient rhythm that still makes you want to move your feet. His debut ‘Death and Desire’ mixtape from 2012 was an instant hit among critics in the UK. In fact, a review in the revered The Guardian called it a “near-classic of mournful electronica, a synth-pop album to stand alongside the Human League’s Dare.” Strong words for a strong album. The praise didn’t stop there. Both Noisey and The Fader have acclaimed his work, and Wired called his methods “bold and brave.”

We have no doubts that this rising star is about to hit the full sparkling universe at full speed ahead. Digits has opened for Junior Boys, Yacht, Dillon, Toy, Diamond Rings, Katie Stelmanis (Austra), Doldrums, Cadence Weapon, Blue Hawaii, Sean Nicholas Savage and Basia Bulat in both Europe and in Canada since returning to live in Toronto. The past three Digits’ music videos have been nominated for the Prism Prize for best Canadian video AND! he’s got a new one that’s just been released April 1st for ‘Keeping Secrets.’

Digits is also a member of super-slow electronic R&B act Bad Passion and blogs at Silent Shout. Check his awesome s*** on www.digitsmusic.com, Facebook, Twitter then dance to his latest ‘Shake Your Body Down’ mixtape and videos here.

We’re also (!) very proud to announce that Digits will be playing a set during Collective Arts’ opening night soiree for The Alliance, Tuesday, May 20, 2014. The Montreal meets Toronto art event will be curated by Fred Caron, celebrated Montreal artist and creative director for Osheaga Festival, and will bring together 12 up-and-coming artists from TO and MTRL for an unforgettable unity of creative ingenuity. Natural Animal will be DJing the night away, as well. Find out more here & stay tuned for more details!


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