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This duo from Australia is influenced by Mötley Crüe and hopes to one day party with Andrew W.K. We profile our Series Three thrash pop act who started at a house party, and will probably end at one, too. Guys, DZ Deathrays:

Throw on some DZ Deathrays and get ready to MOSH OUT. Comprised of vocalist / guitarist Shane Parsons and drummer Simon Ridley, the Brisbane, Australia pair make some surprisingly high-voltage noise. Their latest album, ‘Black Rat’ is basically a weekend dance floor metal delight in record form, and it will certainly get you sweating with its seductively wailing guitars and falsettos. Dark; inky; deathly. AKA our party spirit animal.




Having just wrapped The Blurst Of Times Festival in three cities – Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney – they got to hit the stage hard with other grunge, punk, indie and garage bands like Hard-Ons, Velociraptor and Palms. If you’re in Europe over the next month, you’re in luck as they are now embarking on their Autumn Eurotour. Watch out Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy, Austria and Holland, things are about to get seriously loud.




Besides the sick music, we love their cover art appearing on our Series Three labels, done by Melbourne illustrator, Celeste Potter. She had this to say about her artwork and how it relates to DZ Deathrays:

“When I listen to DZ, I like how they are badass but also, I always feel like they have a kind of magic where it sounds like you’re listening to more than what’s there. They are only two guys, but their sounds mix together and create more than the sum of it’s parts. I like that. It’s like real life magic. I wanted to make artwork that was both badass and magical to reflect it.

It went like this: What’s badass? A skull. What’s magic? A skull with seven eye holes. What’s badass? A skull with missing teeth. What’s magic? A million tiny little patterns. What’s badass? Rats in your eye holes. What’s magic? Rats in your eyeholes, wearing matching ratty Xmas sweaters.”




If you can’t be in Europe or Australia, catch all the tomfoolery on the band’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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