Earth Day 2017

Sustainable Practices in Our Brewery

As a manufacturer, it’s important to us that we’re contributing positively to our community, and that includes the environment. Think of our brewery like your kitchen: the water you use, the waste from food, the garbage and waste from products, the dirty water from doing the dishes. We have to deal with these things every day to make sure our kitchen is not harmful to our employees, our customers, and our community. Here are some ways we strive to create less waste, recycle and work towards being as sustainable, and environmentally friendly as possible.

Spent Grain
If you didn’t know, spent grain is the leftover malt from the mash that has extracted most of the sugars, proteins, and nutrients, making it one of our largest by-products coming from the brewery. So, what to do with it? It’s all sent to local cattle farmers who use it to feed their livestock. Since it’s so high in protein and nutrients, it’s an affordable way to keep their animals fed and healthy. Spent grain can also be used in your own kitchen from baking bread to making dog treats!

To make beer, we buy an initial batch of yeast and then propagate it to a useable amount. Once we pitch the yeast into the wort the yeast reproduces to a approximately 6 times the volume. We reuse the yeast up to 10 generations, and the balance is sent to pig farms where it is used as feed.

Water Usage
We’re pretty proud of our low H2o consumption! Typically, a craft brewery would use 6L of water or more to create 1L of beer. We are well below that, and always striving to reduce it further.

Besides the obvious beer cans and bottles, (we recycle over 400 lbs of cans a week!) we see large amounts of wood pallets and cardboard in the blue boxes in and out every week.

Fruit Zest
If you’ve tried our Saint of Circumstance Blonde Ale, you’ll know it’s bright and fresh because of the citrus in it. Instead of using frozen/processed zest, we get the fresh stuff from a local juice company, that would otherwise have to throw it away.

Growlers are the best way to drink fresh beer, sustainably! Buy a growler, fill it up, drink it, wash it, repeat. We have 10 beers on tap in our brewery at all times, and offer growler bottles, squealer bottles, and fills every day of the week.

What’s next?
While we’re doing a few things to make our facility as environmentally friendly as possible, we know we aren’t perfect. Our Facility Manager’s working hard to lower our waste water and our hydro usage!

Also, be sure to check out our local partner, Bikeables who deliver our products on two wheels. They use specially-designed cargo bicycles to deliver the best local goods to your door with a zero footprint target.

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