Edgar Allan Slothman

In 1830, John James Audubon set out to paint every bird in America. This monumental effort resulted in his massive tome, Birds of America consisting of close to 500 hand-colored prints sold by subscription. Today, these sets are extremely rare and fetch millions of dollars.

In 2012, illustrator, Edgar Allan Slothman set out with an Apple computer to reinterpret Audubon’s “Birds of America” in his own simplified, graphic style.
“For every print, I look for ways to break it down in some way. Often it is with geometric simplification or repeat patterns. For some, I create an entirely new colour palette pushing beyond from the original as far as I can go. But in all, I stay very close to Audubon’s original composition — the core of these amazing ornithological visual stories.”
Edgar Allan Slothman is the pop art persona of American award-winning ad agency creative director, Don Carter. Mr. Carter has also illustrated seven children’s books and created two interstitial series for Disney Junior.

Inspired by Andy Warhol and Charley Harper, a life-long love of birds and art come together in Edgar Allan Slothman’s “Birds of America 2.0” series.

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