Eduardo Bertone hails from Argentina, lives in Spain and produces some trippy art in its intricacy. Designed to transport us from our superficial worlds, his work calls upon a dream land where insecurities and desires dance with each other playfully. This Series Two artist, illustrator, graphic designer and art director relies on his powerful imagination to take us to parts unknown. Let’s take that ride:

Eduardo started his career in the late 90s after studying graphic design in Argentina and working as a freelance artist. In 2000, he moved to Madrid where he worked as an art director and freelance illustrator. This is also where he began his foray into painting. With a playful spirit, Eduardo Bertone prefers using textures and colours that seduce and catch your eye.

His work caught more than just eyes of fans, but those of big companies. He soon became involved in numerous international projects with the likes of Stolichnaya Vodka, WWF, Leo Burnett Singapore and DDB Canada. His own particular way of understanding the world and his passion for art took him around the globe, including Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Berlin, Paris and Toronto, among others. In fact, he was invited back to Toronto last summer to be part of La Carnita’s DOS art show at Evergreen Brick Works. The evening of collaboration in art, music and food gave Bertone the chance of being part of a huge exhibition with 40 other international artists. He fell in love with Toronto, the “awesome place with awesome people!”


Bertone’s fascinating illustrations have infiltrated more than just the art world – before becoming a part of our Series Two beer labels, his work with California’s Bear Flag Wines designing their labels and website won him several accolades, including third place in the 2009 Altpick Awards Illustration Series category in New York, and first place in the 2010 Applied Arts Illustration Awards in Canada. His illustrations have also been published in countless books and magazines, such as Taschen’s ‘Illustration Now! 3’ Taschen, and in Lurzer’s Archive’s ‘Best 200 Illustrators.’





Enter Bertone’s wild and wonderful world through his website and by following him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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