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With a name reminiscent of a Bonnie and Clyde-esque film and a sound that straddles Canadian indie rock and Americana, Series Two band Fast Romantics are continuing their infectious streak with the release of their sophomore full-length album, ‘Afterlife Blues’ in October 2013. An endeavour three years in the making, it earned them Favorite Pop Group of the Year Award at Sirius XM’s INDIE’s this year.



Born in Calgary in 2008 by the three founding members, singer/songwriter Matthew Angus, bassist Jeffrey Lewis and drummer Alan Reain, Fast Romantics were complete with the arrival of Australian ex-pats, Shane O’ Keeffe and Lauren Heron, who brought, among other things, “those dreamy foreign-sounding accents” according to Angus. Four years of navigating the terrain between rock ‘n’ roll and pop have landed them quite a fan base, and ‘Afterlife Blues’ solidifies this journey.

Dealing with themes such as death, love and lust, the band may have you believe it’s a break-up album, but more simply, it is inspired by the ‘60s style of song-writing where Angus says, “You could just spill your guts, and people would thank you for it, and that would be that.”


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It’s not all blues & gloom, though. A playful peppering of pop-rock is strewn throughout the album, with songs like ‘White Light’ and ‘Time.’ The first single, ‘Funeral Song,’ is also a mood-booster, with its heavy guitars and amped up attitude.

Not only do Fast Romantics produce great noise, they do good, too! Recently playing The Sound of Change Music Festival at Toronto’s Adelaide Hall, they helped raise money for Uganda along with The Elwins, Aukland, The 6th Letter, Iris and The Soul Proprietor. Stand up band(s)!

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  1. Fresh sound. Babein band members.


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