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Feature Brewery: Collective Arts Brewing

Karla Dudley

The World’s Most Refreshing Art Gallery

Collective Arts Brewing is a grassroots beer company fusing the craft of brewing with the inspired talent of emerging artists, musicians, photographers and filmmakers. In short, Collective Arts stands for ART+ BREWING. Co-founders Matt Johnston and Bob Russell are two creative junkies who share a deep-seated love for the cultural influences of music, the arts, and all things craft brewed. They believe the art of brewing and the work of artists are a natural fit. Creativity, curiosity, discovery and celebration are common to both pursuits. Through collaboration, Collective Arts aims to produce inspired craft brews and support the emerging arts community simultaneously. The result is a really refreshing art gallery.

Matt is an avid craft beer and music enthusiast and holds a great appreciation for all machinations of creativity. As an 11-year brewing industry veteran, he has worked with breweries big and small, ranging from the Boston Beer Company to being the co-creator of Hop City Brewing Co. Bob is a craft beer lover and homebrewer. As creative director and owner of Russell Branding, a leading North American brand and design firm, Bob created the brands for some of North America’s leading breweries. It was Bob who co-conceived and built Hop City Brewing Co. along with Matt. “We have immense passion for craft beer and all things creative. So much so, that we decided to fuse these two worlds together with a mandate to increase the creative consciousness through the sociability of craft beer.” says Matt.

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Collective Arts Brewing