He who does not take life too seriously is Series Three artist/illustrator/graffiti-er Fernando Del Hambre. Residing in Spain (on a boat, may we add), Del Hambre has a penchant for coffee and one-eyed monsters. Take a walk down any given street in Madrid and chances are you’ll run into his Cyclops on city walls.




Del Hambre, who has spent over six years in the publishing world working as a freelancer with such publications as El PaísEl Mundo, and various agencies, creates bold and playful works. That advertising aesthetic eye he’s developed for simple, striking and colourful imagery is prominent in his personal paintings. We personally love the vividness of his ‘Warrghh’ label on our Series Three bottles.

Another cool project of his is ‘Faces’ – celebrities mugs done in that signature Del Hambre style. Everyone from Lana Del Ray to Steve Buscemi get the touch.





His most recent endeavour is with RBC for their #InfinitePossibilities campaign as the official sponsor of TIFF 2014. They’ve commissioned 18 paintings in a little over a month. Go Del Hambre!

For more, check out his lively website www.delhambre.com, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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