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First Draught: Collective Arts makes beer worth judging by its cover


“Would you like a glass or are you good with just the bottle?” is usually a sure sign that you’re somewhere that beer is thought of as a bone to throw to guys too unsophisticated for wine. A recent exception to this rule was the party put on by Collective Arts Brewing at Spazio Dell’Arte.

Collective Arts is a contract brewer whose special feature is that the labels for their Rhyme & Reason Extra Pale Ale and Saint of Circumstance Citrus-Infused Blonde Ale feature original art from emerging artists.

With over 150 breweries that are in operation or in their planning stages in Ontario, we’re at the point where even really good beer can use the marketing bump from a special feature like this. Rhyme & Reason fits into this category as one of the best American-style pale ales in the province.

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