Something is looming this Friday. That something is the end of our Call to Arts for Series Two.

All you artists, musicians, bands, filmmakers and creative minds who would love the chance to see your work appear in the world’s most refreshing pop-up gallery (literally), consider this to be your friendly final warning! Submissions close midnight on December 6, 2103. Your art. On a beer bottle (containing some darn good brew). Very cool.

If that wasn’t all, you could be positioned among some pretty impressive talents exploding on the scene right now, like the likes of Said The Whale, Royal Canoe, Will Rafuse and Sherpas Cinema. See the full list of our Label Series One artists here. Then hop on over to meet our curator team extraordinaire who will choose the final pieces for Series Two. If anything, your work will be seen by some pretty influential eyes and art does get saved for consideration for Series Three!

If you’re curious what else is in it for you, all artist benefits can be found laid out in the Submit Art section of our site. You can also check out all our coverage to-date here – we very much appreciate our artists and strive to generate as much press and support for them as we can.

All it takes is 15 minutes of your time and all submissions are done online. Submit your Art!

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