Freeman Dre


Mixing songwriter with storyteller, Freeman Dre creates musical narratives that get you off feet, armed with his awesome band The Kitchen Party. Here, we take a page out of his book and dive into a bit of their story:

Old Town AlbumCan we just take a moment to appreciate the incredible lyricist that is our Series One Artist, Freeman Dre? He was voted best songwriter in NOW magazine’s 2010 Reader’s Poll and nominated again in 2012 (!). Wordplay is his thing, weaving tales that draw the listener in. For instance, their Old Town album contains lyrics that loosely retell the story of Dre’s grandparents’ immigration from Nazi-occupied Poland to Canada, and making reference to the lives of his family members who never made it. All done to a folk-pop, harmonica-heavy style, made livelier with instruments like the accordion and violin.

Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party really do bring a party, but where did that name come from? The band moniker is a reference to a kitchen in Toronto’s creative Parkdale ‘hood where the guys entertained by throwing impromptu shows until crowds started to spill into the street and the neighbours began to complain. Clearly, the band were on to bigger things. Behind the rock n’ roll-turned-gypsy sound, the very core of the group is a beautiful weave of words that captivate and inspire. The combination of Dre’s voice brings an experience like no other that have won them a loyal fan base in their hometown of Toronto, as well as Montreal, New York and as far as Eastern Europe and the UK!


Currently, the boys are recording their third record, currently titled ‘Reckless Good Intentions’ and plan to put out a series of A-Side/B-side singles leading up to the full length release. They released their first single from the album, Wickedness, on November 23, 2013 to great reviews.

In the meantime, you can catch Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party at Toronto’s The Cameron House’s Songbook Fridays shows, a musical throwdown of dancing, flirting, drinking and swinging the 3rd Friday of every month. The next one falls on February 14th with SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE. For tour info and more on the band, visit their Facebook page and Follow on Twitter.

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