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Gallit Shaltiel is a visual artist who’s work is driven by imagination and the subconscious. Doodling and observational drawing in museums are frequently creative fuel for ideas. She likes being many things as an artist and working in a range of media and approaches. Her background is in Fine Art and photography but recently completed an MA in Illustration. “I’ve always subscribed to flexibility as an artist and like the freedom to cross media and try different ways of working,” she explains.  

Aside from projects that give her the most joy,  one of her biggest career highlights was getting her Masters in Illustration. “It really gave my work a fresh approach and  the chance to indulge for 2 years in practical work as well as research,” she says. Some recent accomplishments include being part of the East Sussex Open exhibition at the Towner gallery, and receiving an award at the British Museum for an interactive Big Draw event that she devised.


Gallit acknowledges that it’s difficult to pin point exactly when an artist becomes an artist, or how one gets started as an artist, but she recalls her mum allowing her to draw on the walls as a child and figures this is when is all began. “I have consistently practiced my art since leaving art college in the early 90’s and set myself the discipline of doing at least a couple of exhibitions a year. I feel this is a big achievement as an artist,” she explains.

When it comes to what inspires her and her work she looks to travel, journeys, everyday life, and the subconscious. She also is inspired by imperfections, dark humour and the transformative process of art. “I love Leonard Cohen’ s quote ‘There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’.”

Gallit admits that artist inspiration comes from many places, but recently, Outsider art has been a consistent one for her, as well as the artist Louise Bourgeois. Stanley Donwood and David Shrigley influenced her to consider illustration and art as a cross over.

As far as what she’s working on right now, “My main project at the moment is trying to get my toddler to sleep through the night!” she says. All joking aside, she was recently invited to do something called a ‘Wild exchange’ for Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination. The exchange involved responding to children’s drawings of buildings and creatures. “I produced a couple of images that morphed both elements, which have since been used for a workshop. I really enjoyed  this process of being inspired by children’s drawings, responding, reinventing  and then providing further inspiration.”

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We asked her what she liked about working with us, and having her wok on our beer labels. “I have often shied away from product design but found Collective Brewing’s approach liberating. That was in the sense that the artistic work was chosen for its integrity as art, rather then the product dictating how the artwork should be driven, ” she explains. “It’s also a fun and tactile approach to exhibiting art, which makes it accessible to many people. I like the multi-faceted experience of art, live music, film and craft beer forming events.”

Learn more about Gallit’s latest projects and find her work online here: and and

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