Gareth A Hopkins

Gareth A Hopkins is a man who used to self identify as an artist, but things are more complicated than that. His ‘Secretary’ piece can be found on our Series Five labels and probably most well known as having a run on our very limited Black IPA project.


He is the creator of the ongoing experimental comic project ‘The Intercorstal‘ [he suggests visiting the blog if you want to know more] and an occasional editorial and fashion illustrator.


He is also working with the writer Kate Dowling on a web comic called ‘Crosby & Syd’. It’s about a dog and a cat who became best friend in college, and is totally unlike the rest of his work. Check it out.

Find our more about Gareth A Hopkins and his works on his webpage.

Follow him on Twitter @grthink [grthink is a combination of ‘grth’ which is a contraction of Gareth and ‘ink’. its pronounced ‘ger-think’ but nobody gets that right the first time]

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