Go Local: the five best new microbreweries in and around the GTA

By: Gavin Graham

Five years ago, it was tricky to find a locally brewed IPA in Toronto. Today, you can stroll into any one of the city’s busy brewpubs and tailor your selection down to a specific type of hops. With more than 100 breweries in Ontario, including 30 in the GTA, the city’s craft beer scene has never been more vibrant: drinkers are educated and engaged; bars are racing to meet the demand; and a new generation of upstart breweries is pushing the envelope with their exciting, experimental and hyper-local brews. Here, five up-and-coming microbreweries you’ll want to keep your eye on.

Collective Arts Brewing

Mission Statement: “A group of creative thinkers, designers and brewers […] united to the lofty notion of raising the creative consciousness through the sociability of craft beer.”
What Makes It Cool? The brewery actively solicits artwork for its labels from local painters, photographers, musicians, filmmakers and writers. If you download an app and scan the label with your smartphone, you can access a trove of additional info, including videos, music and artist bios.

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Collective Arts Brewing