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What do you get when you mix one part whimsy + one part carefree + add a dash of absurd? Greg Doble’s work, that’s what. This Canadian filmmaker born and raised in Calgary, Alberta has a sense of humour that shines in his animations.

Often depicting mundane interactions between people and other everyday experiences in larger-than-life ways, Greg Doble seems to have mastered the art of introducing his characters and telling a whole story in two minutes or less, inducing several guffaws along the way. Doble can credit some of that ease from what he’s learned to the Alberta College of Art and Design, where he graduated with a BFA in Media Arts in 2011.


2013 Demo Reel from Greg Doble on Vimeo.


Greg Doble2 Greg Doble3


These days, Doble currently resides in Montreal, QC, where he continues to work as an illustrator and create short animated films. He is most recently a part of Toronto’s top voted independent gallery, Whippersnapper’s, Sidewalk Screening show. The video exhibition series features 26 emerging artists from across Canada, on now until February 1, 2014. The series is intended to provide a visual reprieve from the dark winter landscape of the city. Doble’s ‘Super Exposure’ short does just that, hilariously telling the tale of one super hero’s accidental and embarrassing moment as an exhibitionist. Similarly, Doble’s piece that appears in our Series One labels showcases his demo reel, revealing different forms of funny and light-hearted animations set to Phantogram’s When I’m Small. An upbeat and perfect choice for Doble.

For more laughs and all the latest on Greg, be sure to visit his website, and Follow him on Twitter.



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