Spencer Burton, aka Grey Kingdom, has run the gamut of music since his indie rock roots as the guitarist in Attack in Black. These days he is creating music as a solo artist, playing melodic and often hauntingly beautiful tunes with his smooth voice and guitar.

The Hamilton-born musician is a true storyteller, his country-infused folk spinning tales he has developed through both personal experiences and the stories he has collected during years on the road. For the most part, his sound and stories are slow, sad, and sweet, although he won’t restrict his music to any one genre.



Burton has said his solo path began when he and Daniel Romano, another member of Attack in Black, recorded a few of Burton’s songs while the other band members were away. In his words: “I’ve always been writing and recording songs, I’ve just never really had a place to put them. With Attack in Black the songs would very rarely fit onto a CD. They’re generally a different style of music so we wouldn’t really have a place for them.” Dine Alone records decided to release the songs, and after Burton recorded a few more, he began a full-fledged solo career with the label under the moniker ‘Grey Kingdom’.

His most recent album was titled ‘Light, I’ll Call Your Name Out “Darkness”’ and led to an intensive tour, during which he has said he slept largely in the back of his car (and often in the bitter cold). Although he feels most at home on the road, collecting stories, telling stories, and making stories, for now he is busy in the studio putting the final touches on his third record, ‘Don’t Let The World See Your Love’. The album has been recorded and produced alongside former band mate Daniel Romano, and will be released in the fall under Burton’s own name.

“I rode motorcycles, long and lonely, fell in with the wrong people, drank everything I could to pass the time and put the pain away,” he says of his inspiration for the record.

You can stream and download a new track from the album on Exclaim, and keep up to date on Spencer Burton on his Facebook and website.


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