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Hamilton’s Back in the Beer Brewing Business

Dave Derocco

Driving along Burlington Street these past three years it was hard not to notice the fifty-thousand square foot reminder of the loss of Hamilton’s brewing industry sitting vacantly along the waterfront. That same empty building will soon be serving as a vibrant symbol of Hamilton’s burgeoning arts community thanks to a unique brewing facility officially slated to move into the former home of Lakeport Brewery.

Arts & Science Brewing Limited is a collaborative brewing partnership recently forged between Toronto-based Collective Arts Brewing and Burlington-based Nickel Brook Brewing Company. Plans call for Arts & Science Brewing Ltd. to dedicate 40,000 square feet of the facility to brewing operations in order to increase production of beer for both Nickel Brook and Collective Arts Brewing; Nickel Brook also will retain its micro-brewery and retail outlet in Burlington. The remaining 10,000 square feet will eventually include a hospitality component built on a collaborative relationship with local restaurants and food truck vendors, retail initiatives and a space dedicated to local artisans, art works, music and live performance.

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