Hamilton-based indie label, Hidden Pony Records is celebrating its fifth birthday with same day, back-to-back shows (Toronto afternoon at The Horseshoe Tavern and Hamilton evening at This Ain’t Hollywood) on Friday June 20 – during NXNE 2014. Featuring sets from some of the label’s current roster including; 2014 Juno nominated indie-rock collective, Rah Rah, new Hidden Pony pop-rock signing, Royal Tusk and veteran management clients, Odds – with the daytime addition of the critically adored The Danks (at the Toronto show only).

The daytime Toronto show at The Horseshoe will be open to all NXNE wristbands and delegates, and the Hamilton gig at This Ain’t Hollywood is free to first arrivals, in addition to guest listed media, music industry, friends and family. There will be specialHBHP (Happy Birthday Hidden Pony) prizing at both shows, with a VIP gifting lounge in Toronto as well as unique art pieces specially curated for the party and reflecting the album art and titles of some of Hidden Pony acts– courtesy of artists Annie Webber and Coco Guzman.

Hidden Pony, also gratefully acknowledges the partners participating in the two events: Collective ConcertsCollective Arts Brewing (Toronto), Planetary GroupPlanzioPistonhead Lager (Hamilton) and Universal Music GroupHailo Taxi will be providing party guests at the Toronto show with a $10 discount code (use: “HBHP” in the Hailo app).

Both events are powered by the marketing team at Audio Blood.

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