Interview – Another sorta-kinda Beer Drinker 2

By: Trista Capitano

Senior Graphic Designer, Suzy Shier. 26 yrs Old.

This interview was sent online, our meeting- up didn’t work out. She has a bit of gluten/wheat allergy I guess? Because she does still drink beer…? She answered both sets of questions in lieu of this I guess!

For the Beer Drinkers

Can you describe to me the kind of occasion where you drink beer?(Please try to mention Who would be with you, Food you may eat with it, and whether you drink from the Glass/ Bottle/ Can)

The kind of occasion where I would drink a beer/beer-like beverage would be a sports event, a rock concert, a low-key gathering or a cottage environment.  I would be with friends or family but not with colleagues. I prefer a bottle actually. Can I find too red-neck and the metal on my mouth I find pleasurable.

When you do drink beer, why is beer your drink of choice?

It has a more casual and relaxed appeal.
I also must say depending on the food i’m eating… lobster, mussels or wings are good with beer.

What are your favourite beers? (Do you stick to those ones when you buy?)

Collective Arts Brewing
I’m also more into cider, because of my gluten/wheat allergy so I prefer lighter drafts if any.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

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