IPA Project Series

IPA Project #1

We strive to be creative in all that we do. That includes our beer. Our Collective Projects are our liquid jam sessions; they represent our motto, art + brewing. We’re introducing our newest member to Collective Projects: India Pale Ales. IPA Project #1 will be the first of several IPA Projects that you’ll come to know over the next few months.

IPA Project #1

Nelson Sauvin, Simcoe and Citra star in the numero uno addition of our Collective Project IPA series. These three hops were grown to be together, the New Zealand grown Nelson Sauvin hops impart a strong, fruity flavour with an aroma that resembles white wine, or fresh crushed grapes and gooseberries. Paired with the earthy pine and citrus of the Simcoe hops, they co-mingle with the floral citrus notes of Citra hops. This is one delicious, juicy and slightly dank IPA. Art by: Loch Ness, Bristol, UK.

When you can get it: February 18th, 2017

Where you can get it: The Hamilton brewery store, select grocery stores (Ontario), retail and bars in Massachusetts, Manitoba, and bars in Ontario.


2 Responses to “IPA Project Series”

  1. This is the best IPA you can get here in Alberta. Thanks for the distribution. Keep doing this Collective Arts, I will try anything you are offering.


  2. I have sampled a lot of beers across Canada, and I’m confident in saying this is one of the best IPAs brewed in our country. Please make it a permanent.


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