Iselle Maddocks


Shes an illustrator who lives in the UK and makes art mainly consisting of odd characters you cant help but be fascinated by. She is Iselle Maddocks and she is our Featured Artist from Series Four.

Iselle studied Illustration at the University of Gloucestershire and continued drawing since. She derives her strange characters from personal life events, whether it’s people she meets on the streets or through her fascination with the natural world. She creates her art using primarily inks. That being said, she also has a strong basis in screen printing and combines that with digital techniques at times.

When she isn’t drawing, she’s working on Opposite the Alley (OTA), a small independent press founded by herself and fellow artist, Emma Evans. OTA offers a platform for illustrators working in a wide variety of styles and aims to shed light onto emerging artists and young talent with artistic skills. Iselle and Emma studied together in university, and as they both wanted to build a company that could produce their own work as well as be able to showcase other illustrations of a high quality, the idea for OTA was born. The pair really wanted to experience many aspects of the publishing business, such as art directing, project managing and book designing. OTA allows them to do all this and more.

You can see/purchase Iselle’s bizarre and magical work on her website,, and through her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.



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