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Power. Energy. Heat. A brief yet accurate three-word description to sum up our Series Two Hungarian Rock nRoll band, Ivan & The Parazol. Despite their youth (as humans and as a formed band), the quintet have already earned their place as one of the most popular bands of the Hungarian  music scene while also becoming known abroad. 


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The group consists of Iván Vitáris, vocals; István Beke, keyboards; Bálint Simon, drums; János Tarnai, bass guitar and Máté Balla, guitar. Formed in 2010, they came out with their first album, ‘Mama, Don’t You Recognize Ivan & The Parazol?’ in 2012. Full of 60s & 70s new wave influences, it was a hit. Their debut single, ‘Take My Hand’ was a chart success for months on Budapest’s popular  MR 2 Petőfi Radio, reaching number one in just a few weeks. They then caught the attention of foreign music blogs and the song has had ample play on radio stations abroad.

This year, ‘Take My Hand’ was used for the Official SXSW 2014 Promo Video (!) and after playing a handful of underground yet influential shows in NYC, we suspect Ivan & The Parazol will become a household band in no time.

The guys released their second album ‘Mode Bizarre’ in March, which you can stream here. We see nothing but huge things on the horizon. You heard it here first!

To listen to more ~awesome tunez~ and to see where the band’s off to next, visit their website, www.ivanandtheparazol.com, and be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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