Jackie Besteman: Series Four illustrator from Toronto whose art is as beautiful as her story. Growing up in South Africa, she attended a high school specializing in art, ballet and music – no doubt where her flair for creating began and flourished. After moving to Toronto, she attended OCAD and thus her foray into illustration professionally was born.

Since graduating from OCAD in 1990, Jackie’s work has appeared in numerous acclaimed North American publications, including vogue.com, The New York Times, Flare Magazine, Chatelaine, Travel & Leisure Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.





Her art evolved by experimenting with pattern and surface design. This type has developed into a true love. Jackie is currently exploring the natural world through her paintings and illustrations – namely birds and animals. Her work is now mostly focused on painting birds (acrylic on board) which she then scans into Photoshop. She is also creating patterns of birds and other natural elements.

Not restricted to just animals, her portrait work is quite stunning. She’s done a range of celebrities,      including Twiggy, Shania Twain and Joni Mitchell. Bright colours are her trademark, which certainly shines in her piece on our Series Four labels, ‘Blue Girl.’ And hey, if you’re looking to capture your beloved pet into a vivid piece of art, she does some pretty sweet pet portraits, too.

You can see/buy her incredible pieces on her website, www.jackiebesteman.com. More visual amazingness available through her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, too.


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