Jake Carruthers’ illustrations are beautiful. They are intricate, precise, powerful, and often a little dark. His style is striking – frequently bold and sometimes akin to old school tattoos, with clean lines and deep black ink bases. He has worked hard for his talent, spending more time on his illustration work than anything else in his life, and this dedication can be seen in the fine details and crispness of his pieces.


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Carruthers grew up surrounded by art, with an artist for a mother and art supplies instead of sports equipment to play with. She has been his biggest inspiration, watching her do what she loves and travel from show to show, which has heavily influenced the hard work he has put into his craft. As he grew up he also realized how talented she really is, and he says her influence has helped him to believe in himself and what he wants to do – he refuses to settle for anything less.

His subject matter often provides a unique, albeit dark, commentary on popular, and even Toronto-specific, culture. These illustrations include ‘Man vs. TTC’, a giant man struggling to restrain the 505 streetcar, and plays on Internet culture, parties, the music industry, and countless other subjects (all with a good dose of zombies)! His label art is titled ‘1-800-TERROR’, and showcases a panicked jock in his letterman jacket on the phone – an image straight out of countless slasher films, but brought to new life through Carruthers’ style.



Much of his work can be found on band merchandise such as posters, albums, and merchandise art for bands like Such GoldSeaway, and Cruel Hand. You can also find his designs on his clothing line ‘Moronic Apparel’, which focuses on street wear like tank tops, sweatshirts, and toques and uses intricately illustrated images, including striking moons, wolves, and florals.

Social media has played a large part in Jake Carruthers’ popularity and communication with the art community. Illustrations are much easier to share, and audiences and artists are much easier to communicate with. Keeping this in mind, you can follow his FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts, or shop his clothing line on their Facebook page or online store. Cheers!


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