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The digital age has had radical effects on contemporary art. Pixels are now a suitable substitute for paint. And while computerated art proliferates, artists find increasing influence from the digitized world around us.

Series One artist Janice Chu credits video games with playing an influential role in her work.



Chu grew up in Calgary, Alberta and after a stint in Computer Science at the University of Calgary, she found that it was animation that stoked her passion. A transfer to Sheridan College was in order. Four years of serious “catching up” took place and Chu soon scored an internship as a concept artist at Digital Extremes, the video game company behind titles such as Unreal Tournament and Bioshock. Chu’s drive as an intern won her a full time concept artist position at D.E. where she continues to work today.

“What inspires me to do concepts for video games,” says Chu, “is that it’s interesting to see art being transformed into something that everyone can enjoy and play on a console. I can take pride in saying ‘hey I designed that!’ A lot of my inspiration also comes from space and science in general. It’s a very diverse and intricate topic that gives me endless ideas. There is still so much out there and we still have to discover it.”

Looking to her future, Janice intends to continue her career in the video game industry and look for opportunities in film.  For the time being, we are pleased to host Janice in the Collective Arts inaugural series.




Janice’s art often consists of bold shapes and color-ways, characteristics of “Cursed”, the tiki themed piece (above) included in Collective Arts Series One labels.

More of Chu’s work can be found at:

Blogger: www.chuonscribbles.blogspot.com

cgHub: klangoda.cghub.com

Portfolio: janicechuportfolio.carbonmade.com

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