Two-time Collective Arts artist, Jeff Blackburn, is a Toronto illustrator/painter/muralist whose work is very much grounded in graphic nature. We personally love his take on nature encroaching into urban areas – particularly with his street art. This means what exactly? Read on:

You may have seen Series Two & Three Jeff Blackburn’s colourful and masterful art around Toronto (that bear that lived in front of The Rex? That’s Jeff’s – part of the Bears in the Streets exhibition with Gallery 431). He’s always been fascinated by shaping his own universe through street art. His creations give the walls and sidewalks life. City buildings become ‘wildlife’; bears are seen traipsing through concrete TO ‘trees’ and dogs and lions are facing off on brick walls in Roncesvalles. These unexpected juxtapositions are what motivate and drive him.






Just last month, Jeff teamed up with other street artists (including Series Three’s Shalak Attack and Bruno Smoky) to create a pair of murals inspire by the video game “Far Cry 4,” that was released November 18, 2014. What resulted was a vivid rendition of the fictional Himalayan region of Kyrat (from the game) spanning two large murals. The collaborative work was complete with astonishing creatures ranging from a Siberian tiger, to an elephant, to a four-fingered human-like creature popping out of canvases the size of a van. If you’re in Toronto, look out for it.

Follow Jeff and his brilliantly colourful animals through his websites and You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram. Many an awesome inspiration lurking through these pages.


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