Jeremiah Morris

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Phantasmagoric. That’s how I’d describe Jeremiah Morris’s photos. His dreamlike images have a haunting surrealist quality reminiscent of Man Ray. But beyond a comparison to one of photography’s greats, Morris has a unique and well defined voice.

Jeremiah is a self described “conceptual portrait photographer”. Originally hailing from Harrisonburg Virginia, he currently attends James Madison University in pursuit of a Studio Art degree.


Jeremiah_Morris_1 Jeremiah_Morris_5

The fact that he’s a student came as a pleasant surprise to the Collective Jury. As one can see, Morris’s body of work has the trappings of a seasoned artist/photographer. Producing work of this caliber early in ones career is certainly a symptom of raw talent.

“My work focuses on conceptual portrait photography, using surrealistic elements to attempt to convey some small piece of the human condition as I experience it.” says Morris.  “I strive to create images that capture people’s attention and imagination and draw them in to share in the emotion or theme that I am trying to portray.”

Jeremiah_Morris_4 Jeremiah_Morris_3JeremiahMorris

Regarding his Series One selection “Don’t Take My Sunshine Away” (above) Jeremiah had this to say:

“The inspiration I find usually comes from nature. For this piece, the inspiration was sorrow. I was attempting to portray the sorrow I would feel if I lost someone who was important to me, and how that loss would be like a dark cloud, which I could never reconcile with.”

The Collective is pleased to have made Jeremiah’s acquaintance and we look forward to working with him in the future. More of his work can be viewed at:

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