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JNCTRE formed 8 months ago releasing their first EP ‘None Of Us Are New’. It has been amazingly received and the band got invited to play the BBC introducing stage at T in the park this year. There sound has been described as ‘electronic soul’ taking influences for artist such as Prince, Nao, Honne, and the Weeknd.  The band are on the way to writing their next EP.

Favourite Career moment: As A band we have only been together for 8 months and have played a handful of live shows. For our 4th show we where lucky enough to get chosen by the BBC to play on there BBC introducing stage, at T in the park. A major British festival in Scotland. It was an amazing experience and something that every member of the band has wanted to do.

What are we working on: Currently we are working on finishing our second EP which will be out over the of the next few months. We have also just finished our first tour as a band promoting the release of the new EP and introducing ourselves to different parts of the UK.

How did we get started: It all really started when we met (George and Dan) at college back in 2006. We met whilst studying a sound engineering course And have been friends ever since. Dan has always been in bands since we met and I (George) have always been involved in some way or another E.G helping set up gigs or driving the van. But it wasn’t until October time last year, we decided to sit down and make some music together. Finally releasing our first EP over the course of a month beginning on February the 14th.

Influences: I think for both of us music really is our life and have been very much in love with all types of music since an early age. For JNCTRE there are many influences ranging from pop royalty such as Prince, Michael Jackson mixed in with the intensity of electronic artists such as James Blake, Flying Lotus and Mute Math.

Our creative process: At this current moment in time we write, produce, record, mix and master all our own music. We usually start off with a simple idea created by both of us and then take it away separately, to work on. Eventually we then bring both ideas back together, work out what bits we like and go from there. Once a song is completed we then work together on the mixing and mastering.

How can the art + brewing benefit artist: We think the whole idea and process is amazing. The music industry or any creative industry is a tough nut to crack so exposure and noise about artists is essential. Which I’m our eye is exactly what this whole process brings to artists. Allowing them to be seen by a whole new crowd of people in different countries, who can the interact, read and explore all about you. Bringing new fans and opening doors else where.

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JNCTRE Label Artist: Josh Jameson

Josh is an artist from the midlands, who creates pop cartoon style prints. He is local to us and also a very good friend. Josh is not only an artist but has been involved in an ex musical project ‘get cubs’ as the lead singer. His art has gathered him a lot of attention, creating commission pieces for skateboarding companies, brewery’s and other various businesses.


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