At the ripe age of 20, Jonathan Key is already creating incredible art and film pieces that explore the human mind, distortion of the digital age, dreams, and visions. Working and living in Sydney, Australia, he not only creates art of his own accord, but is also commissioned to design for agencies, musicians and more. Impressively, he has created and developed album art and videos for Stars, Oliver Tank, and many other musical acts. 

Whether looking at Key’s commercial work or personal art, each piece is hauntingly beautiful and uses strong organic imagery and mystical elements. It is clear, then, that much of his inspiration and source material comes from time he spends hiking and exploring. This influence is a reaction to the streamlined, digital look that is currently so popular in graphic design, and it definitely sets him apart. He strives to ensure that while his work is clearly digital in appearance, it keeps a fine balance between the two styles.


Cracks - Jonathan Key Art

Jonathan Key Profile Picture


Key says that his biggest artistic influence is Radiohead, particularly in their use of computers to distort sound when others were just starting to use them to perfect it. Following this lead, he has experimented with “glitch art” – purposefully messing up the data in a digital image to create something unexpected and beautiful. Many of his pieces are also clearly influenced by his interest in the mathematical side of art, including inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci’s work. This often involves the use of geometry and symmetry as the base for a piece, and then building more organic and dream-like elements on top.

Ultimately, Key hopes that viewers can find escape in his artwork. This is one of the main reasons why he rarely features people in his art, and if he does, why they are most often distorted. He is currently experimenting with different mediums, including film and illustration, and continues to work with independent bands and companies that provide a collaborative environment and allow him to follow his creative aspirations.


Mirrors of the Mind - Jonathan Key Art

Tomorrow Never Knows - Jonathan Key Art


Jonathan Key’s work can be found in the Rah Collective, on the cover of Cyclic Defrost, and on countless promotional materials for musicians and other companies. You can look at his professional website to see more, or check out his Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.



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