July Talk perform “Guns + Ammunition” in Collective Arts Black Box Session

By: Ashley Emma NG

Peter Dreimanis, Leah Fay, and Ian Docherty of Toronto-based rock and roll band, July Talk, swung by the Collective Arts Black Box to record the first episode of the Black Box Sessions presented by Toronto’s newest radio station Indie88 and Collective Arts Brewing, a grassroots beer company with a flair for the arts.   In the black and white video, Dreimanis tones down his signature roar to a soft growl, Docherty guides with an unshakable strum, and Fay’s honeyed voice is smooth as ever. The result is a rousingly raw and intimate rendition of “Guns + Ammunition” that’ll have you clicking the replay button.

See the video and the rest of the article here.

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